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Trulioo provides the most comprehensive suite of in-house verification capabilities through a single global platform that gives wealth management firms the agility they need to meet onboarding requirements around the world. Automated data and document verification, paired with local expertise, helps organizations confidently comply with KYC and AML regulations while delivering the secure, convenient experiences clients expect.



Confident Compliance

With Trulioo by their side, wealth management firms can enter new markets knowing they have all the verification tools they need to comply with any KYC or AML regulations. Flexible, customized onboarding workflows enable firms to apply data, document and biometric verification to achieve the highest assurance.



The Right Balance of Speed and Security

Not all threats are the same, so why treat them equally? Trulioo delivers flexible verification, combined with Watchlist Screening, so firms can apply any risk-based approach that provides the right balance of client security and onboarding speed.



Operational Efficiency

Eliminate point solution clutter and redundant integrations with an all-in-one global platform. Gain deeper insight into clients and more onboarding control that optimizes the cost of a good, verified customer.



Onboarding Automation to Fuel Growth

Skip the growing pains of market expansion. With the Trulioo network of more than 450 global and local data sources, wealth management firms can quickly verify customers and reduce onboarding abandonment.

Onboard Wealth Management Clients Quickly and Securely

Achieve peak match performance, meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk. Combine verification tools, data sources, state-of-the-art technology and local expertise through a single global platform to quickly and securely onboard any person, any business, anywhere in the world.

Know Your Customer Maximize Verification Precision and Minimize Risk

Protect wealth management clients and the firm from fraud and money laundering with KYC checks that precisely verify digital identities through global and local data sources and state-of-the-art technology. Integrated AML Watchlist Screening and monitoring help deliver ongoing compliance.


Customer Onboarding Deliver Powerful User Experiences

Fraud threats, regulations and shifting consumer expectations can make it difficult to deliver the best user experience. Trulioo combines streamlined digital identity verification, deep expertise and industry best practices to enable compliance clarity and ongoing performance improvements.


Optimized Verification Achieve Regulatory Compliance in Any Market

Trulioo gives wealth management firms the flexibility to comply with regulations anywhere in the world. Roll out prebuilt KYC and AML compliance workflows or leverage no-code, drag-and-drop capabilities to customize identity verification to fit specific requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Wealth Management Agility, Growth and Compliance

With the Trulioo platform, wealth management firms can rapidly adapt to shifting market conditions and meet FinCEN, FINRA, FCA, FINTRAC, CySEC and other regulatory requirements.

The Verification Experts for Wealth Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wealth management firms perform financial planning. They can offer a range of services, including investments, estate planning and tax accounting.

New digital technologies are enabling firms to provide clients access to financial information and tools whenever they need while still interacting with advisors.

Wealth management will continue to leverage more sophisticated and intelligent analytics, financial modeling and interfaces to better personalize client services and experiences.

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