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Utility Data - overview

Automate Manual Processes and
Slash Onboarding Friction

Utility Data is a fast, low-friction, easy-to-integrate service for proof of address compliance. Eliminate manual document review and connect to more than 2,200 gas, electric, water, cable and other utility providers around the world to confirm the name and address on bills and records.

Streamline Customer Onboarding to Limit Abandonment

Use the most up-to-date address record to increase accuracy and reduce risk.
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Streamline operations by removing the need for manual document reviews.
Reduce onboarding abandonment by providing the speed and convenience customers expect with direct access to utility providers.
Simplify integration and gain full control over customer onboarding through a comprehensive, global platform.
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Achieve proof of address compliance and establish transparency for customer audits with automated utility bill retrieval and review.
Decrease document management and reduce costly manual reviews

How Utility Data Works



Customer provides address



Customer logs in to the utility provider



Customer’s address is verified through the utility provider

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Utility Data can enable regulatory compliance, improve match rates and establish trust in digital environments.

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Product sheet - Utility Data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Proof of address is evidence that a person has a physical address that matches the one provided. The real address needs to exist, and there must be supporting evidence the person resides there.

Proof of address can be obtained through documents, such as billing statements from utility providers. Those documents verify address, service dates and the accountholder’s name.

Trulioo Utility Data authenticates users by connecting directly to their utility provider. The online utility bills provide an accurate, up-to-date address.

Proof of address is a strong data point for identity verification. Matching that information to other data acquired through verification provides more evidence people are who they claim to be.

Proof of residence provides evidence a person has lived in a specified area for a certain amount of time. It can be used to limit or provide services to people who reside in a particular area.

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