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The World’s Identity Platform

Global identity platform

January 31, 2023  

Organizations expanding their global presence often turn to digital identity verification that can propel growth, adjust quickly to changing markets and ensure regulatory compliance.

Verifying individual and business identities is fundamental for compliance, fraud prevention, and trust and safety initiatives. But identity verification on a global scale presents complex challenges:

  • Constantly evolving regulations that vary around the world
  • Standalone solutions with limited global reach
  • Multiple vendor contracts and integrations as companies enter new countries or markets
  • Complicated and time-consuming workflow development to achieve compliance and mitigate risk
  • Limited market or country coverage that curbs expansion
  • Lack of expertise in different countries and markets

Inflexible, disparate identity solutions can lead to poor onboarding experiences, limited expansion and higher risk of fraud.

A Global Identity Platform

Trulioo has enabled our partners to accelerate onboarding and provide trust, safety and compliance for more than 11 years. Trulioo has continued to enhance its verification capabilities and has now launched a comprehensive global identity platform.

“We built a platform that solves for the numerous identity verification challenges global enterprises face every day,” said Michael Ramsbacker, Trulioo chief product officer. “Trulioo is the only company that delivers an integrated, high-performance platform with comprehensive capabilities, out-of-the-box processes and models, easy no-code configurability, and the ability to customize and amend functionality. We are giving our customers the power to create verification workflows that best meet their needs with just one contract and in one intuitive platform.”

The Trulioo identity platform enables organizations to smoothly integrate multiple identity services into a single workflow through one contract, one platform and one experience. The global platform enables companies to rapidly expand into new markets with the confidence that they can achieve compliance and mitigate fraud anywhere in the world. 

The Trulioo no-code Workflow Studio enables companies to easily adjust and optimize verification workflows and bypass costly development efforts. With one platform, companies can access personally identifiable information matching, Identity Document Verification, Utility Data for proof of address, Business Verification, watchlist screening and ongoing monitoring, and anti-fraud capabilities.

The Trulioo platform enables:

  • Accelerated global expansion with pre-built workflows tailored to countries and markets
  • Simple workflow optimization to increase verification rates and onboarding volumes
  • Agile workflows that quickly adjust to new regulations or emerging fraud threats

Maximize Verifications and Minimize Risk

A single, comprehensive platform enables companies to more easily manage, analyze and gain insights into match rates and verification performance. Those capabilities help organizations maximize their global reach and conversion rates while accelerating growth.

With a network of more than 450 data sources worldwide, customizable workflows and extensive expertise, the Trulioo global identity platform enables powerful verification that helps organizations:

  • Accurately determine authenticity using artificial intelligence, machine learning and biometric verification
  • Leverage real-time analytics, automated insights and natural language processing to enhance the customer experience
  • Identify anomalies and enhance fraud protection
  • Establish and optimize verification workflows based on best practices and with the help of the Trulioo white-glove service

Agile, intelligent identity verification helps companies fine-tune their risk-based approach so they can quickly onboard good customers while dialing up scrutiny for higher-risk clients.

Building Trust and Confidence

Smooth onboarding experiences build customer confidence and accelerate company growth. Fast, automated, secure identity verification:

  • Makes a strong first impression with customers
  • Reduces strain on compliance, risk and safety teams 
  • Creates time for internal teams to focus on top business priorities 

Companies leveraging the Trulioo platform can dive deeper to  optimize verification performance. Trulioo Navigator integrates customized educational resources about current verification best practices and product capabilities.

A comprehensive understanding of business and identity verification can help global companies anticipate customer needs, deliver more personalized services and strike the right balance between onboarding security and convenience. That approach can drive value throughout the customer lifecycle.

With one platform and one contract, companies can deliver streamlined onboarding and create intuitive user experiences that build trust and inclusivity. The Trulioo platform showcases the company’s expertise and innovation in helping businesses worldwide meet customer expectations while achieving regulatory compliance and optimizing growth. 


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