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Join the Trulioo partner ecosystem and become an integral part of a global network of reliable and independent digital identity data sources and services.

Partners - overview

Partners With a Purpose

Our digital identity ecosystem comprises hundreds of identity data sources and verification services globally to help businesses assess risks associated with digital identity.

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We partner with independent data sources to deliver holistic identity verification for compliance, fraud prevention, and trust and safety.

Data Source Partners

Our data source partners provide secure access to trusted identity data such as:

  • Credit bureaus
  • Business data
  • Government
  • Mobile network operators
  • Fraud data
  • Education

Technology Partners

Our technology partners license verification tools and services, including:

  • Document verification
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Biometric authentication

Identity Partners

Our identity partners include:

  • Identity and access management platforms
  • Financial platforms
  • Customer relationship management platforms
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Legal contracting platforms
  • Behavioral fraud platforms
  • Case management platforms
  • National identity scheme platforms

We’re Better Together

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Trulioo connects to more than 450 data sources and 11,800 verifiable documents worldwide to help businesses grow across markets, regions and use cases.
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Trulioo helps organizations deliver the convenience customers expect with a comprehensive platform that provides in-depth insights, proactive monitoring and real-time identity match rates.
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Trulioo provides organizations the capability to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and intuitive technology to apply a risk-based approach to optimize identity verification.
Our Partners
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