System and Data Integrations State-of-the-Art Verification, One Integration

Cutting-Edge Verification Tools Are Only a Simple, Flexible Integration Away

Platform Integrations - overview

Build a complete, layered verification workflow in minutes through the no-code, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio. Connect any Trulioo capability to your platform with API Direct. Integrate the complete Identity Document Verification capability with an on-device SDK.

Only Trulioo unlocks the freedom to integrate your way with a full suite of in-house verification capabilities.


Expand Into New Markets

Shed multiple point solutions and go to market faster. With one integration, you can easily weave first- and third-party services and the right data partners into country-specific verification processes primed for market expansion.


Securely Streamline Onboarding

Layered verification through a single platform ensures greater operational oversight and helps you spot security gaps that can slip through the cracks between point solutions. Enhance security and meet expectations for streamlined onboarding.


Accelerate Customer Verification

Only Trulioo provides real-time access to global data sources and low-code workflows customized to your needs. Rapidly verify customers through a comprehensive suite of capabilities.

195+ Countries Covered 5B Potential Customers 700M+ Verifiable Business Entities 13,000+ Verifiable ID Documents

One API, Maximum Flexibility

Risk Based Approach Customize Processes

Avoid unnecessary verification steps. Our unique API delivers built-in intelligence with customizable rules, configurations and risk thresholds that fuel verification precision.

Solution - On-Device SDK

Insights and Information Reduce Fraud Risk

Quickly identify verification gaps and fraud risks with a complete view of your onboarding process. Gain insights into suspicious onboarding activity by monitoring transaction volumes, performance and identity match rates per market.

Bad Actors

Build Trust Easily Adjust to Market Changes

Make and integrate onboarding changes in minutes. The intuitive Trulioo drag-and-drop workflow builder delivers flexibility so you can quickly adjust to regulatory and market changes while meeting customer expectations for speed and security.

Solution - Workflow Studio
Connect to the Tools and Systems You Rely on Most

Our flexible API makes it simple to connect to external systems.

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Solution Sheet

Trulioo Integrations

Integrate All Your Verification Capabilities Through One API

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Why Choose Trulioo?

Optimized Onboarding Costs for Good, Verified Users

Leverage Trulioo expertise and flexible combinations of data, rules and verification capabilities to optimize your onboarding costs while delivering security and convenience for customers.

Your Single Source of Verification

Easily integrate a full suite of in-house verification services and connect to an unrivaled network of global and local data sources.

Guaranteed Data Privacy

Trulioo follows privacy regulations and maintains ISO 27001 certification. We require our partners meet the same standards.

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