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Build Confidence With Automated Identity Document Verification

Identity Document Verification

Identity document verification adds a layer of confidence that people are who they say they are during digital onboarding and transactions.

During remote onboarding, consumers provide images of identity documents — such as driver’s licenses, passports or national ID cards — and a live selfie for identity proofing. But if that verification process is slow or overly complex, the delays can lead to customer abandonment.

Trulioo Identity Document Verification provides automated, accurate verification that meets customer expectations for speed and convenience while protecting the organization from fraudsters and other bad actors.

Smooth Identity Document Verification Experiences

The new Trulioo global identity platform offers enhanced identity document verification capabilities.

A sleek user interface provides an easy, straightforward and intuitive experience with animated guides to reduce customer friction and ensure high-quality image capture. That leads to higher verification rates, fewer errors, faster average verification speeds and less need for manual reviews.

Trulioo also enhances the customer experience by enabling people to proceed to a customized next step, such as browsing products on the website, while they wait for verification.

Rapid and Accurate Authentication

Identity Document Verification leverages intelligent technology to automate complex processes and maximize efficiency.

Trulioo applies capabilities that evaluate images for glare, background, brightness, document alignment and four corners to ensure optimal image quality. High-performance binary streams accelerate image uploads.

Passive liveness technology ensures real people are taking selfies of their own face, while face match capabilities compare the selfie and ID document images to confirm the document belongs to the person uploading it. Those biometric tests are certified by an independent third party.

Optical character recognition technology extracts identity document data, such as full name, birthdate, address, country of origin, and document number and expiration. Machine-readable zone data extraction collects similar information from a passport.

The automated process accelerates authentication, corroborates digital identity verification and improves accuracy with predefined rules for approval, rejection or flagging for further review.

Simplified Integration and Contracting

With one contract and one integration, Trulioo helps organizations simplify and accelerate ID document verification with global coverage and more than 11,800 verifiable document types. Organizations can conserve IT resources with:

  • Fast, direct integration for web browsers, iOS or Android
  • A no-code/low-code Workflow Studio that accelerates workflow creation and optimization
  • Demos that preview the entire customer experience in a native environment, from welcome to image submit

The Trulioo global platform provides comprehensive identity verification and the flexibility to quickly adapt to shifting markets and regulatory requirements around the world.

Identity Verification That Fuels Global Expansion

Government-issued documents are a gold standard for proof of identity. With state-of-the-art technology and a global platform, Trulioo enables organizations to confidently onboard digital customers.

Identity Document Verification helps unlock global expansion while meeting customer expectations for speed, security and convenience.

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