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Do you offer essays in any languages other than English?
Yes! Any of our 100+ essays on Hamlet CAN be translated into Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, or Portuguese at YOUR request! Just choose the appropriate translation option on any of our order forms -- and you'll still receive one copy of our essay in its original English form PLUS one copy translated into the secondary language you select! Please do keep in mind that our translations are often a bit rough-- so a reasonable command of the English language is still necessary--to compare our native phrases with their often less-than-perfect translations...

To avoid being accused of cheating, what are my responsibilities as a student when using one of these downloadable essays on Hamlet to help me write my own?
Plagiarism, one of the most serious academic offenses a student can commit, occurs when you re-state the idea(s) of another author and fail to attribute them as a source in your own essay. If our essay tells you that "Hamlet was clearly only feigning his madness..." and you write/paraphrase in your own essay that "Hamlet wasn't really insane... It was all an act," you must follow up with a citation to our essay as the source of that particular idea. Only your own, original ideas can go uncited since YOU are their author. Any essay you download from HamletEssays.com will include our writer's name and date of creation. Using proper MLA style, you are required to note our writer's name, the date our essay was written, its title, and the publisher name/location (Hainesport, NJ : The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.) on your works cited page. As long as you cite us properly, you have not committed plagiarism and have done nothing more than helped yourself better understand Hamlet and the art of essay writing!

What if I don't like the essay? Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, HamletEssays.Com is obliged -- under Paper Store rules -- to maintain a strict no refund policy on all purchases made via our website. Essays are not tangible, material products that can be "returned" or "re-shelved." Rather, they are information...and thus, only intellectual property--not physical entities! Once an order has been placed for an essay on-file, it cannot be cancelled nor can customers be refunded. To make your purchase fair and to help ensure that our customers are extremely confident, HamletEssays.Com generously offers FREE EXCERPTS from any of our 100+ essays. By emailing customerinfo@hamletessays.com, prospective customers can preview a full page from ANY essay they wish to see before buying it! Just send us the essay's advertised .wps file name and we'll send you back its introductory page! Those customers ordering customized essay assistance are GUARANTEED that our work WILL reasonably match any instructions given at the time of their order or we'll revise it at no additional charge! With so many service offers and guarantees, there simply is no reason not to FIND and ORDER an essay on Hamlet TODAY!!!....


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