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Business Verification - overview

Comply with strict KYB regulations. Verify more than 700 million business entities across the globe with services ranging from high-level business insights to stringent UBO authentication. Trulioo offers flexible, global verification services, tailored to your KYB compliance needs, with accurate, actionable results.

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Achieve Global Business Compliance

Verify businesses anywhere in the world with access to up-to-date, independent sources, including government registries, credit bureaus, public records, proprietary information and enriched data that goes beyond any single source.



Flexible Business Verification to Match Your Needs

Quickly set up KYB, KYC and AML workflows for different verification tiers. Choose from different integration options and easily configure and adjust data sources and rules to meet shifting global regulations, your business needs and market requirements.



Consolidate Siloed Data for Business Clarity

Advanced data intelligence processes standardize different sources and formats to enrich data and present actionable insights. Achieve reliable verification in your language for trustworthy results anywhere in the world.

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How Business Verification Affects Your Operations

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Optimize Business Verification Decision-Making & Performance

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Automate manual and inefficient data collection and verification processes with access to 400-plus government registries and public records for less friction and a strong customer onboarding experience.
Business Verification - expand
Collect and analyze key data from an optimal blend of trusted government and proprietary sources. Draw from an expansive suite of verification and fraud mitigation capabilities to identify and monitor risk exposure.
Business Verification - expand
Strengthen compliance reporting with customizable reports, audit trails and automated regulatory filings. With enriched business data and ongoing monitoring, compliance teams have deeper insights and better oversight, even across borders.
Business Verification - expand
Expertise in data collection and intelligent routing optimizes workflows for automated case decisioning or appropriate reviews.

KYC and KYB Are Better Together

With a holistic, integrated verification platform, organizations can harness the power of a global identity platform to deliver a fast, compliant and automated user experience that optimizes onboarding.

Unlock Value

Optimize onboarding costs with increased speed, accuracy and coverage

Unlock Compliance

Achieve compliance with deep-dive identification and verification of ultimate beneficial owners

Unlock Flexibility

Customize verification to meet changing needs and evolving risk and fraud assessments

Fight Business Identity Fraud From the Start

Business identity theft commonly stems from fraud presentation at onboarding. Fraudsters acquire a company’s data and falsely represent it to apply for credit, sell illegitimate wares or commit further fraud on a platform under the guise of a legitimate business.

Business Onboarding
Confirm the Submitter Works for the Business

Trulioo helps organizations combat business identity fraud at onboarding. A simple, low-friction check verifies the person’s employment at the company. That natural extension of the business verification process can mitigate fraud and provide an additional risk signal for final decisioning.

Bad Actors

With Trulioo, we can do both KYB and identity document-based KYC checks with one solution, turning a previously cumbersome onboarding process into one that is quick and easy. This has enabled us to remain compliant across multiple continents and provide payments solutions that accelerate our customers’ businesses.

Philippe Panneton, Nuvei senior vice president, Global Risk & Underwriting

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Introduction to Business Verification

Learn how automation, layered capabilities and state-of-the-art technology can accelerate global onboarding while maintaining security and compliance.

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Business Verification (KYB)

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Business Verification (KYB)

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Business Verification (KYB)

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Business Verification (KYB)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Gathering information about a company and verifying the data through reputable sources helps detect if a company is fake.

Know Your Business is a set of compliance procedures that determine if a company is legitimate. It includes due diligence that assesses the risk of doing business with the entity.

An ultimate beneficial owner is a real person who owns or controls a business or legal entity. Various legal structures can make it difficult to identify UBOs.

KYC is about conducting due diligence on people, while KYB is about doing the same for business entities. Business documentation and financial activities are generally more complex and pose a higher risk, so the verification and risk assessment requirements are more stringent.

KYB often requires considerable time and effort. Automated KYB reduces costly manual checks, helps ensure accuracy with in-depth reporting and can improve risk evaluation to enhance fraud protection.

A typical KYB process includes verifying business documentation, analyzing the company profile, performing a risk assessment, determining entity ownership and control, implementing enhanced due diligence and conducting ongoing monitoring.

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