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Trulioo in-house capabilities deliver precise, industry-leading business and identity verification that ensures compliance and fortifies banking and account opening around the world.

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The Trulioo complete suite of automated verification capabilities gives financial institutions the versatility to achieve regulatory compliance anywhere in the world while meeting customer expectations for fast, convenient onboarding. Combine business, person and document verification in a single workflow. Apply Trulioo Watchlist Screening to meet any onboarding or monitoring requirements. Trulioo delivers the freedom to verify your way, defend against fraud and expand your global presence.



Compliance Across the Globe

Trulioo global verification capabilities, local expertise and agile workflows equip financial institutions with the technology and proficiency to achieve superior match rates and comply with regulations worldwide. Confidently enter new markets and quickly meet KYC, KYB and AML requirements.



Accelerate Onboarding

With the Trulioo network of more than 450 global and local data sources, financial institutions can quickly verify customers and reduce onboarding abandonment. Gain the highest verification assurance with real-time access to more than 13,000 ID document types combined with biometric checks. Include integrated watchlist screening for additional due diligence.



Powerful Risk Mitigation

The Trulioo platform enables financial institutions to build and customize risk models that integrate smoothly into verification workflows, creating robust profiles that support onboarding decisions. Intelligent routing enables a comprehensive customer assessment that thoroughly summarizes the risk rating during onboarding.



Confident Expansion Into New Markets

Trulioo empowers financial institutions to quickly build, launch and optimize onboarding workflows that meet the requirements for any market across the globe. Organizations can deftly adjust workflows to expand across borders, match changing market conditions and respond to emerging fraud threats.

Trulioo is a leader in ID verification. We chose the platform because of its breadth of personally identifiable data sources, impressive match rates and global footprint. Trulioo has the trusted authentication and verification experience we want to offer clients and additional layers of protection from fraud during the onboarding experience and beyond.”

Ryan Schmiedl, Managing Director – Global Head of Trust & Safety, J.P. Morgan Payments. Read more

Identity Platform State-of-the-Art Technology

Trulioo is the only partner that delivers comprehensive person and business verification around the world with one contract, one platform and one integration.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Individual Verification Rapid, Precise Identity Verification

Not all KYC verification challenges are the same. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, hundreds of data sources and deep expertise to customize workflows to meet your needs. Verify identities your way and comply with regulations worldwide.


Business Verification Global Business Insights and In-Depth Data

Comply with strict KYB regulations. Confirm a business’s surface details or dive deep by verifying ultimate beneficial owners or screening company officials against global watchlists. Comprehensive Business Verification with automation expedites onboarding and meets customer expectations for convenient experiences.

Solution - Business Verification

Watchlist Screening Fortified Customer Base

Combine identity and business verification with Watchlist Screening in a dynamic workflow to accelerate onboarding and gain deeper insights into customers. Watchlist Screening provides powerful protection by screening users and businesses against more than 6,000 global watchlists and 20,000 adverse media sources.

Solution - AML Watchlist Screening

KYC and KYB: Better Together

Achieve compliance, fight fraud and accelerate consumer and business onboarding through a global identity platform.

Business Onboarding for Payments

Streamline merchant onboarding, defend against fraud and maintain compliance anywhere in the world.

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Business Bank Account Opening

Create automated, adaptable workflows customized to each market and risk level and achieve KYB best practices.

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UBO Checks for Payment Processing

Identify and verify ultimate beneficial owners through one workflow to accelerate business onboarding.

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Consumer Bank Account Onboarding

Automate onboarding for even the most difficult to verify audiences and reduce customer abandonment.

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Consumer Card Onboarding

Curb fraudulent, fake and synthetic identities with field match signals that feed proprietary fraud decision tools.

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Why Choose Trulioo?


Optimized Onboarding Costs for Good, Verified Users

Leverage Trulioo expertise and flexible combinations of data, rules and verification capabilities to optimize your onboarding costs while delivering security and convenience for customers.


Your Single Source of Verification

Easily integrate a full suite of in-house verification services and connect to an unrivaled network of global and local data sources.


Guaranteed Data Privacy

Trulioo follows privacy regulations and maintains ISO 27001 certification. We require our partners meet the same standards.

White Paper

Vetting UBO Integrity in a Post-Pandora Risk Landscape

Discover how to navigate the world of UBO regulations and learn how regulators define and govern beneficial ownership under 6AMLD and the CTA.

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What You Need to Know About Banking and Compliance

It starts with identity verification.

Industry sheet - Payment Service Providers: Accelerate Customer Acquisition

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AML and KYC Requirements for Banking

Learn about efficient AML and KYC processes that contribute to compliance, customer trust and smooth onboarding experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Financial institutions must meet legal and regulatory requirements through ongoing security, risk mitigation and fraud prevention programs. Those measures protect customers, ensure financial integrity, build trust in the institution, and help organizations avoid fines and reputational damage.

The compliance department builds and operates programs to meet regulatory requirements for the financial institution. The department monitors regulations and creates policies, processes and training for procedures such as onboarding, monitoring, auditing and reporting.

Banks must perform Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures to assess customer risk and comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. KYC involves knowing a customer’s identity, financial activities and potential risk.

AML programs are legal requirements for banks to prevent laundering of money connected to crime and terrorism. The programs establish policies and procedures to designate oversight responsibility, conduct training and perform account reviews.

KYC is an element in AML programs. KYC is a set of procedures for customer identification and due diligence. AML laws establish requirements for corresponding financial institution policies and procedures, such as KYC.

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