AML Watchlist Screening Fortify Your Customer Base

AML Watchlist Screening - overview

In an evolving consumer landscape, maintaining compliance with KYC and AML regulations is critical to protecting your customer base and your reputation. AML Watchlist Screening provides powerful protection by screening users and businesses against more than 6,000 global watchlists and more than 20,000 adverse media sources.



Fewer False Positives

Sentiment analysis and a tailored relevancy score determine if an alert is appropriate. That fine-tuned accuracy saves time and resources by ensuring flagged users are genuinely worth the attention.



Continuous Monitoring

Stay up to date on sanctions, adverse media and politically exposed persons. Trulioo provides continuous monitoring of global watchlists to ensure AML and KYC compliance.



Simple Integration

Launch AML Watchlist Screening quickly and easily with a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder or API integration to match your global business needs.

Daily Data and Deep Global Coverage for Constant Vigilance

Mix and match data from a broad range of sources around the world to maximize coverage, achieve compliance and mitigate risk. Enhance risk assessments and sharpen onboarding accuracy with data intelligence such as AI, sentiment analysis and natural language processing.

6,000+ Global Watchlists 20,000+ Adverse Media Sources Daily Data Refresh Rate 53% Reduction in False Positives

Access Accurate Sources for Insight Into Business and Person

Keep your AML screening program current with comprehensive watchlist data from regularly updated sources around the world.


Screen against sanctions lists to defend against financial crime. Governments and organizations place people and entities on the lists when they have been involved in illegal activities.

Sanctions screening

Politically Exposed Persons

Check for politically exposed persons who hold prominent positions or influence that can be abused for the purpose of financial crime.

Politically exposed

Adverse Media

Access print, online and broadcast media sources to gain insight into customers. Past criminal activity by a person or business is among the most common adverse media.

Adverse media

How AML Watchlist Screening Works

Users submit information about either themselves or a business when creating an account.
AML Watchlist Screening checks the information against global watchlists, sanctions lists, politically exposed persons lists and adverse media sources to flag high-risk profiles. Search filters, customizable lists and score thresholds provide more control over AML screening to better match your risk tolerance.
AML Watchlist Screening flags people and businesses when they appear in the global adverse media and list search.
Screening doesn’t stop at onboarding. Customers are continuously monitored for safety and compliance. Receive real-time alerts if customers appear in the screening search.
Uncover hidden risks and create a more robust compliance program. Deliver fast, automated user experiences that optimize onboarding and help ensure compliance around the world.

AML + KYC + KYB Are Better Together

Harness the power of a holistic, integrated verification platform. Combine multiple verification capabilities, data sources, and risk and fraud signals for quick, confident decision-making.

Protect Your Organization With Comprehensive AML Screening

AML watchlist screening is part of a compliance, customer onboarding and risk mitigation program. Trulioo combines those capabilities in an integrated platform so organizations can quickly collect data, accelerate onboarding and gain deeper insights into customers. Comply with strict AML, KYC and KYB regulations, whether verifying a person or diving deep into a business entity’s details, such as ultimate beneficial ownership.

Product sheet - AML Watchlist Screening

AML Watchlist Solution Sheet

Detect and Prevent Money Launderers During Onboarding

Discover how your business can help ensure compliance, reduce operational costs and streamline global operations.

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Why Choose Trulioo?

Successfully onboard good users, improve operational efficiencies and reduce the need for manual reviews. With one global identity platform, organizations can quickly create a 360-degree view of customers and build the foundation for regulatory compliance.

Superior Global Coverage

Verify globally by connecting to more than 450 data sources across 195 countries.

Reliable, Rapid Results

Leverage artificial intelligence insights to streamline your processes and power identity verification.

Strict Data Privacy

Trulioo follows privacy regulations and maintains ISO 27001 certification. We require our partners to meet the same standards.

You’re in Good Company

Find global success with Trulioo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Organizations that must comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations need to screen people or organizations against global law enforcement and sanctions lists to determine the risk those parties present.

Sanctions lists are a compilation of regulatory and enhanced due diligence lists from major sanctioning bodies around the world. They flag questionable users and businesses, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and suspected criminals.

Major sanctioning bodies include those from the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the United Nations, the European Union, His Majesty’s Treasury, Interpol and thousands of other regulatory and law enforcement organizations.

Performing a watchlist screening after identity verification helps ensure screening data is accurate and legitimate. After an internal risk assessment, ongoing monitoring helps organizations stay up to date on changes to a customer’s status.

Transacting with customers who appear on PEPs or sanctions lists puts organizations at greater risk. Noncompliance could expose an organization to regulatory fines and reputational damage.

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